A Scientific Error lasting Two Millenniums in Need of Urgent Rectification



I consider the misunderstanding of the Global Functional Unit of our Universe , Earth with Living Beings within it, the scientific conceptual error of the utmost importance at this turning point in time, at the end of millennium and the start of another,


More precisely, the lack of understanding of the Functional Integration of the Organic and Physical Nature, the Living Beings, Human beings as a prototype, in their dynamic-functional autonomic integration with the Ecosystem of their natural adaptation.



This error is a consequence of the partial application of  fundamental concepts stated by Copernicus, Galileo, Newton among others, according to which forces of Physical Nature causing the falling of bodies and expansion of those in gaseous state, such as the air, also play an important role in the vital dynamics, enabling Life on Earth. Furthermore, that these forces determine distribution of the species in their dynamic natural balance.


A parallel error is the lack of understanding that the Lung is the organ specially designed to achieve the dynamic integration of the Living Being with the Atmosphere and that to achieve its objective in gas exchange with the blood it is also responsible for cardio-circulatory integration and balance. Moreover, the Lung achieves  the simultaneous integration and balance of the total organic dynamics leading to homeostasis for Life in Health 


Another error, consequence of the former is the conceptual isolation of the Oxygen in the air, according to its role in general and organic combustion, discovered by Lavoissier, thus attributing to it the protagonic role in pulmonary respiration. This concept ignores that the mass of Oxygen in the air, by itself is unable to achieve the mechanical process of functional integration for air circulation as far as the alveoli, for their balanced expansion, which is a prior and necessary mechanical process for Oxygen diffusion across the alveolar membrane.


The molecular mass of Oxygen in the air needs the physical presence of the other gases in their natural mixture, since the Lung is designed to work with the total mass per volume unit of the air.

The components of the air, with proper structure and behaviour must be in their natural proportion, at least as a means of transportation, to achieve balanced variations of the air mass per volume unit as far as their arrival to the alveoli where they must distend the alveolar capillary  membrane. Simultaneously they must also balance the capillary circulation and pressure, which are conditions for selective diffusion of Oxygen, with the specific proportion and objective in gas exchange with the blood.


Another parallel error is "human nature": The error of opposing  progress when personal or group interests feel erroneously threatened, without reflecting on the fact that the fundamental value is the Common Good. 


Today, when the third millennium is about to begin, a similar social problem to that posed by Galileo in relation to knowledge of Physical Nature is posed again, now concerning our biological natural habitat, always present although not always well interpreted.


The natural truth which I want to refer to is that our living organisms are designed for Dynamic Functional Integration with the Atmosphere of the Earth, at levels of adaptation defining the limits of our natural habitat, shared with other species


The distribution of species obeys different organic  natural  parameters, among which comprise air composition and mass per volume unit, balanced by  Universal Gravitational Force, temperature and humidity


I have analysed this organic Natural Truth regarding balanced gas exchange with the blood, concerning the role of the Lung in the balance of blood circulation, with cyclic differences, from the abdomen, arms and head, towards the right ventricle. The former is also balanced with the lung's own receptive capacity while balancing circulation of all the liquid streams enabling "homeodynamics" as a guarantee for homeostasis by specialised tissues


All the abovementioned makes evident that the Living Organism is basically, from the physical standpoint, a complex System of Fluids Mechanics. This System is controlled and balanced with mathematical rigour by the Central nervous System on the structural design, in each point of the functional vital cycles


The Lung, in our organic design, performs a starring role, as that of the Sun in our Solar System.

Aggressions to the Lung directly reflect on the cardiac dynamics. Pulmo-cardiac-circulatory imbalance, leading to functional imbalances of all our tissues and, hence, of those of maximal importance in control of our vital processes


It is essential to understand that the Lung is a mechanically active organ and further understand its complexity.

While the activity of the lung continues to be misunderstood, at least we should protect it from harm. Even though  for life itself it is not necessary to know scientifically how we live, scientific knowledge  is extremely useful, in order to defend ourselves from so many potential aggressions, as long as it is verifiable.


It is time for new, rational and scientific rectification, based on Ethics, Legal Principles, and respect for Human Rights


To this point in time, I have interpreted, from the new perspective, pathologies of great incidence in morbidity and mortality


1.      Aetiology and Pathogenesis of Pure Pulmonary Emphysema and Chronic Pulmonale Cor

2.      Aetiology and Pathogenesis of Acute High Altitude Sickness. Acute Pulmonary and Cerebral Oedema

3.      Several causes of Iatrogenia


From the same perspective, I have also initiated the study of Bronchial Asthma


I cordially invite all friends and colleagues concerned with Science and Health policies (Environment. Medical teaching and practice) to know and discuss the new contributions to knowledge that I have been promoting for over twenty years.

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