Association of Friends of  “The Respiratory Pulse”




The Association of Friends of the Respiratory Pulse is a grouping of wills for the promotion and defence of Created Life (Man as a model), by means of the best scientific knowledge of the functional structure of our organisms and their autonomic dynamics, centred in the integrated pulmo-cardio-circulatory system of fluids and Universal Dynamics as it manifests itself in the Atmosphere of our planet Earth, fundamental parameter of which is the Respiratory Pulse or Resultant of the cyclic dynamics of the Lung, as it manifests itself on the pleural surface.




1.      Our objective is to promote the best scientific knowledge of the Natural Conception of Living Beings, as structural and functional models dynamically integrated in themselves as with Physical Nature, by means of the Atmosphere, within the limits of their natural adaptation, genetically programmed.


The Organic and physico-Natural Nature, (Living-beings and Atmosphere) of our planet Earth is a very complex Integrated System of Fluids Mechanics under common Natural-Laws



The Living-being is a functional binomial constituted by:


1.      The Organism in itself, as an integrated functional structure, genetically programmed, under autonomic Vagus-Sympathetic control, for maintenance of Created Life in Health


Our Living-being, in its basic structure, is a Mechanical System of Fluids composed by two hemi-systems:


1.1  Liquid: the pulmo-cardio-circulatory subsystem for blood and other organic liquids circulation

1.2  Gaseous: the Pulmo-Tracheo-Bronchio-Laryngeal hemi-system, for atmospheric air circulation.


These two hemi-systems integrate dynamically and functionally in the lobular-alveolo-capillary structures, to enable gas exchange with the blood.


2.      The Earth’s Atmosphere, with its physical and chemical definitions, within the adaptation limits of species and individuals, determined by the Universal Gravitational Force and, in it, the attracting Force of the Earth, as well as the local and seasonal climatic conditions.

The Organ defining the functional integration and balance of the Organism, in itself as with the Atmosphere is the Lung, in its thoracic ensemble, accomplishing this result by means of its two, also integrated autonomic structures


1.      The lobar bronchi, under command of the Vagus nerve and

2.      The lobular bronchioles, under Sympathetic nerve command.



The Association’s fundamental goal is the Defence of Created Life, both, individual and collective, traditionally harmed by scientific errors of interpretation of organic and physico-natural factors, all leading to maintenance and preservation of Life in Health, with Iatrogenic consequences.




Proposed working Method.


To struggle for the dissemination and scientific discussion of the new concepts, searching for the Truth of Nature relative to Living-Beings in their natural habitat, prototype Man, in order to better defend Life and Health and hence, contribute to Human Good.


Some primary objectives:


1.      Study and scientific discussion of the new contributions to knowledge

2.      Diffusion, to commit the organised society, International Organisations: U.N.- UNESCO.- WHO. Universities. Health Policy-Makers. Human Rights Organisations. Etc

3.      To favour working Groups to carry out themes selected and/or proposed by Members, with participation of Organizations and Institutions with responsibilities in the related fields of knowledge


This better scientific knowledge favours prevention and helps to avoid Iatrogenia, the level of which is alarming today.


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