Man has always lived in a world of conceptual and practical contradictions, which seems to define the human condition.

At any time and any where there did exist and does exist the Status, as well as the permanent silent interests of Global Society, which does not identify with any status but with Nature, the only one that supplies conditions for Life in Health.

Here lies the problem: very advanced scientific proposals frequently face masked interests of the Status. This reality has existed and continues forever, since it is within the dialectical extremes of Human behaviour.

I enjoy using a demonstrative example from that of the midway of the present millennium, marking the beginning of the modern age, possibly the widest known: Copernicus and Galileus, roots of modern physics and astronomy, enabling Newton and the immense present advances in this matter.

Today, at the end of the same millennium, any proposal or set of proposals configuring a Corps, a scientific "revolution" in its field, continues to be resisted instead of carefully studied, analysed and discussed, to clear the way towards the Truth. In the present case, the common behaviour has been refusal with trivial expressions such as "To revolutionary" "How is it possible that someone dare challenge our traditional theory of". "These concepts are contrary to orthodox medicine"… " Very interesting but"…and so on…and so on…

Medical Sciences and practice acting on Living Beings, on the Organo-Physical Nature, result positive or negative, depending on their concordance or not with the Truth of Nature. From here must be deduced the need for a permanent critical study searching for that Truth in contrast with false beliefs.

Maintenance of Life in Health, and medical practice results, have a close relationship with prevailing knowledge about vital functions and interpretation of sickness, accidents, complications to application of derived preventive and curative measures.

Therefore, the first step to make, must be the promotion of a better scientific understanding of our Organisms and vital phenomena in integration with the Atmosphere, which is the matter of the Proposal here submitted for consideration.

Consequently, I address everyone as individuals and hope that many identify with the present purpose to critically review the here contrasted believes. On this attitude depends the early or late adoption of new measures to benefit Mankind.

I invite everyone everywhere concerned with policy making, promotion of research, teaching, medical practice and other related disciplines to be Referee, part of a Universal Jury, a Judge, and make efforts to help Truth prevail in this important moment of our social evolution. Today, the load of invasive methods applied to Man has surpassed the reasonable threshold of organic resistance, which must be brought to a halt.

One must to make a stop on the way, to reflect on the matter, to realise one's mistake!. Analyse the new proposals to prove or contrast them, or suggest correctives. But help us to make prevail Reason and not Anti-reason. - Science and not Anti-science. - Truth and not lie or mistake, or deceit. Let us to assert the Truth of Nature concerning our natural identity as Living Beings integrated with the Atmosphere. Goodness and not indifference.

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