Américo González-Bogen and the scientific Foundation "The Respiratory Pulse" welcome you to this scientific site created to promote the widest reasoned scientific discussion of the revolutionary discoveries and concepts here synthesised and updated.
This new Knowledge is derived from the discovery of mine, on July 1978, of the first indisputable sign and demonstration of the Lung's autonomic mechanics.

The discoverer identified this sign as "Respiratory Pulse" by analogy with the cardio-circulatory pulse, since he analysed and interpreted it as produced by cyclic contraction-retraction relaxation-expansion of the pulmonary airways leading to balanced circulation of successive masses of air.
This was the departure point of the whole matter here synthesised as a pedagogical introduction to the current scientific development and its application in the interpretation of respiratory functional pathologies such as Pure Pulmonary Emphysema and Acute Mountain Sickness among others.

This contribution to Science is a "Copernican Revolution" in the field of the mechanics of the Living Being, carried out for maintenance of Created Life in the Atmosphere of the Earth.

Our Organism is a "Being" a "self making itself" in each mechanical cycle of the Lung, which integrates the whole of the partial mechanics of the vital organs and the Organism with the Atmosphere. It is a self making itself with natural physico-mathematical exactitude and autonomic-automatic achievement projected in Time.

The new concepts here submitted for discussion are not theoretical matter but theory for action and change, necessary to improve teaching and practice of medicine, making it more rational and thus avoiding damage derived from the application of mechanistic technologies designed for an organ considered passive,

The derived benefits for Humankind are evident simply by knowing that the new knowledge refers to discoveries and interpretations of vital signs of our natural identity, which will also help to identify the genes concerned.

This welcome is an individual and collective invitation to everyone and all members of Society, its Organisations and Institutions, Universal such as UN-UNESCO-WHO. Regional, International, National, Private, Academies of Science and Medicine. To Philosophers of Science, Health Policy Makers, Universities, Medical Schools, Hospitals, Professors, Teachers, Students and others not mentioned.

The Man we are is different from the Man we are believed to be. Let's avoid new distortions. There is still much to rectify and advance. Therefore, help us to help Mankind

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